Export Yahoo Contacts

To back up or download mail contacts from Yahoo is very easy. Just follow below steps you can download a full copy of all contacts from yahoo.

Log on Yahoo mail with your Yahoo account username and password from any web browser. Click the Contacts icon from the top left corner, you will open the contacts page like this:
export contacts from yahoo

Check the select all or any contacts within your Yahoo account. Then Click Actions, you will get a jump down menu list. Select Export menu item, you will find different exporting options like below.

yahoo contacts export options

Here you can export Yahoo contacts in various formats or file types:

  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Netscape / Thunderbird
  • Yahoo CSV
  • vCard Single File
  • vCard, Zip of VCF files

If you want to transfer contacts from Yahoo account to Hotmail, Google or Outlook, select the first option “Microsoft Outlook”. Then click Export Now button to save your Yahoo contacts selected as a .CSV file to your computer. You can find out more details about how you can transfer contacts from Yahoo to Hotmail Gmail here.

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