Extract frames from GIF file on iPhone

Would you like to extract some image or frame from a GIF file on iPhone? ImgPlay provides us a simple and effective way to export GIF frames from animated GIF files. Download the ImgPlay GIF Maker for free from the App Store to your iPhone. You don’t have to upgrade to its pro version in order to use it to export GIF frames on iPhone.

Run the GIF editor on iPhone, choose GIF from the category so the app will list only GIF files saved in the Photos apps. Preview and import the GIF into the editor app. On the Edit screen, you can find various tools to edit the GIF file.

imgplay edit GIF on iphone

Before the Save button is the Frame View. Tap on it to preview the thumbnails of all frames or images. Touch the magnifier icon above a thumbnail to view it in full screen.

ImgPlay gif maker frame view on iphone

Once the frame opens in full screen, tap on the Menu(three dots icon) at the top right corner to bring up the menu at the bottom of the screen. Choose Share or Save > Save Image to save the image frame from the GIF file to the Photos app on your iPhone. The exported frames will be saved as PNG images on your iPhone.

export and save images, frames from gif file using ImgPlay on iPhone

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