Extract text from photos using WeChat

Finding a good app to convert image files, like screenshots, photos, to text on iPhone is not an easy job. Most OCR apps are not free. We have reviewed several scanner apps with OCR support, notably the Scanner Pro, in previous posts. And those free apps don’t work well, for instance the OCR accuracy needs to be improved and we have to manually correct many mistakes. Luckily sometimes we can come across some good apps which is not only easy to use, powerful and completely free. Adobe Scan is such an app. In an earlier article, we used the free app to extract text from screenshots and photos on iPhone. This free scanner app has the OCR support with very high accuracy. Today, we will introduce you another way to perform OCR on images, photos and convert them into text using the free chats app, WeChat. Note that you have to upgrade to the latest version to enjoy this new OCR feature.

Open WeChat on your iPhone, access the chat where you sent or received the image or photos with the text you like to extract, tap to enlarge the image file. You will see three buttons at the bottom right corner. Tap on the More options (three dots), this will bring up more options at the bottom of your iPhone screen, choose Extract Text, then WeChat will start to scan the image and you will be provided with the options to Select, Forward, Copy and Save the text.

Extract text from photos, images, screenshots for free using WeChat iphone

Note that you have to connect to the internet in order to use this OCR tool in WeChat.

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