This is a fun & powerful portrait and selfie photo editor for iPhone. It provides easy-to-use, powerful tools to perfect your selfies and portraits with ease. It’s like Photoshop but so much easier to use. Fun & powerful portrait and selfie photo editor for iPhone.

facetune app for iphone to retouch selfie whiten teeth and more

Celebrate your selfie

  • Cover blemishes
  • Apply makeup to step up the sass
  • Refresh tired eyes or explore new eye colors
  • Add highlights or darken hair

AI art

  • Create stunning AI selfies & avatars with top-notch filters
  • Seamlessly upgrade your photos with AI Enhance tools
  • Take your selfies to the next level with easy-to-use digital art

Retouch in a snap

  • Thin or thicken eyebrows, lips, or hair with Reshape
  • Whiten teeth, clothing, and sneakers
  • Airbrush a tan or smooth out skin

Add a dash of dazzle

  • Photo filters to match your personal aesthetic
  • Scroll stopping effects for every occasion

Grab the spotlight

  • Dial in lighting to keep the attention on you
  • Blur backgrounds or replace them with a new one
  • Ring light eyes for a studio look
  • Remove distractions in a swipe

Selfie videos on point

  • Enhance videos with a hair and face retouch editor
  • Be bold with filters and effects
  • Denoise to tune out background sound

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