FE File Explorer built-in servers

FE File Explorer can turn your iPhone or iPad into FTP or Web server so you can connect to them from other mobile phones, computers or clients to upload or download files between them.

To start the built-in servers on iPhone

Connect your iPhone/iPad and computer or other devices on the same Wi-Fi. Head to the Settings of the file explorer app on your iPhone or iPad. You can find Built-in Servers in the General section of the Settings page.

fe file explorer settings built-in servers iphone

Choose Built-in Servers, you will then have the options to configure the web server and FTP server, including username, password, FTP port number, HTTP port number, file path or root directory of the server.

fe file explorer ftp and web servers settings on iphone

Connect Web/FTP server from computer

We highly recommend you to use the FileZilla or Cyberduck as the FTP client to access the FTP server on iPhone or iPad from computer.

To connect to the Web server or HTTP server from a computer or mobile phone, you can simply use a desktop browser or mobile browser. Do not forget to type in and access the entire web server URL, including the http:// at the beginning and the port number at the end.

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