Find app version on iPhone

Want to find out the current version of an app you use on iPhone? Sometimes you may need the version number of an app for troubleshooting or decide whether to update an app or not. There are different ways to check app version on iPhone or iPad. First of all, you should open the app and double check its Settings, Preferences menus, or About page see if the app version can be found. This varies by apps though. Different apps may have different in-app settings and menus. Of course, if you can find an app version inside the app itself, you won’t be here. Alright, here is another way you can also check current version numbers of apps on your iPhone.

Check app versions on iPhone – the version you currently have

Open Settings on your iPhone, navigate to General > iPhone Storage, wait a moment when iPhone is calculating the storage. Then scroll down to find the app you want to see the version number for. Tap on the app name, you can then see the app name, version number, app size, documents & data size, etc.

Find, view app version from storage settings on iPhone

Verify app version in the App Store

Open the App Store, do a search by name to quickly find the app. If you see the UPDATE button, it means newer version(s) are available. If you are using the latest version, you should see the OPEN button instead. In this case, you can tap on the app name to view its details and see the latest version number under What’s New section or from the Version History list. See more details below.

Find latest or newer versions and new features

How to know if there are updates available for your frequently used apps? Want to know the new features with the most recent release for your favorite apps?

Open the App Store, do a search by name to quickly find the app. Tap to view the app details. In the What’s New section, tap on Version History to open the list of all releases and versions. You can find the details of each update here. You can decide whether to upgrade to the latest version or not.

find, view app version history in App Store on iPhone

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