Hide or unhide apps on iPhone iPad

Have you downloaded tons of apps on your iPhone or iPad and now want to clean them up? To clean up the home screen and free up the precious storage space, you can delete unnecessary iPhone iPad apps. To do that just press and hold the app icon on your home screen, the “X” bubble will show up at the top left of the app, tap on it to delete an app and its data from your iOS device. This however can’t help clean up your purchase history in App Store. When you have removed an app from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and don’t plan to redownload it again in the near future, or when some apps are out-of-date, you may hide the app on your iPhone or iPad to declutter your long list of purchased items.

How to hide apps on iPhone iPad?

Open the App Store on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, tap the avatar at the top right corner to open the Account page, select Purchased, you will then find the All and Not on this iPhone tabs. The All tab opens by default, here you can find all your previously purchased apps. Switch to the Not on this iPhone tab to find those deleted apps. To hide an app from iPhone, swipe left to show the Hide button. Tap on it to hide an app on iPhone.

hide app from app store on iPhone

Note that to hide an existing app from App Store on iPhone iPad iPod touch does not delete it from your iOS device or remove it from your home screen.

How to unhide apps or view hidden apps on iPhone iPad?

You can hide apps on your iOS device, but unhide them using iTunes on a Mac or PC. For example, we are using iTunes 12 on a Windows 10 PC, and following are the steps to unhide apps on iPhone via iTunes.

Run iTunes on PC, click Account from the top menu bar, select View My Account from the drop-down menu. You will get a pop-up dialogue. Sign in with your Apple ID to view account information. Once the Account Information page opens in iTunes, scroll down a bit until you reach the iTunes in the Cloud section, see below screenshot.

manage hidden purchases via itunes in the cloud on windows pc

Click Manage link beside the ‘Hidden Purchases: unhide any hidden, redownloadable Purchases‘. The Hidden Purchases page opens and you should see all hidden music purchases if any at first. Switch from Music to Apps tab at the top right section. Now you should find all hidden apps on your iPhone iPad or iPod touch in iTunes. With each hidden app there will be a Unhide button below. Hit Unhide button to make the hidden app visible on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch again.

view, unhide hidden apps on iphone ipad using itunes on windows computer

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