How to get started with the Simply Guitar app on iPhone?

In the previous post, we introduced the Simply Guitar app, an educational music app for learning to play guitar quickly and easily. Today, we will show you how to use it and the basics to help beginners get started.

Simply Guitar app

Set up your profile

When you run the guitar learning app, you will need to answer several questions to help build your personalized program. For example, it will ask whether you have a guitar or not. If you already own a guitar, the guitar learning app can listen to your guitar playing and give you feedback on how you’re doing. If you do not have a guitar yet, you can still use this app. Here we assume you do have a guitar.

Then you can choose what kind of guitar you have, acoustic, classical or electric. This guitar learning app works well with all guitar types. After that the app will set up your profile and adapt based on your age and personal preferences, such as music types, like Christian/Gospel, Rock, Country, Pop, Hip-hop/R&B, Classical, how often do you plan on practicing, do you have headphones or not, do you know how to tune a guitar, how to play chords, etc. You will have the options to choose to learn guitar basics, read guitar tabs, play your favorite songs, accompany yourself and others while singing, improve your technique and knowledge, play for someone’s birthday or special event, etc.

Tune your guitar

Before you start learning with the guitar learning app, you will need to tune your guitar. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to do that as the app comes with the in-app tuner. You will go through the tuning process automatically the first time you play with the guitar learning app. You can also access the tuner by entering a course and tapping on the Tuner button at the top of your iPhone or iPad screen. It is very easy to follow the on-screen tips in order to tune your guitar.

Choose your course path

All guitar lessons are grouped into courses. After finishing Guitar Basics I (the first course), you can follow the course you want, switch between courses, and discover new courses that are coming to the guitar app.

Simply Guitar app courses & lessons on iphone

The blue courses are the Lead Path. They focus on playing melodies and riffs from songs, read tabs to perfection and improve your guitar playing with technique boosting exercises.

The pink courses are the Chords Path. These focus on how to play the chords of the most well-known pop, rock & jazz songs, and teaches you chord switching and strumming techniques to accompany any song.

The purple courses are special courses that combine your knowledge of lead playing and chords.

Play songs in the Song Library

Go to the course overview and tap on the Songs icon on the left-hand side to access the Song Library.

Simply Guitar app songs

These songs are adjusted to your playing level. Once you finished certain course, new songs may be added to your Song Library. Your playing will be rated by the stars to show how you were playing.

The guitar app will give you real-time feedback on your playing and the golden rating stars at the end. Also you will be presented with the notes you have played or missed.

Play chords in the Chord Library

Tap on the Chords icon on the left-hand side to access the Chord Library. Here you can find a wide variety of guitar chords, such as A, Am, C, D, Em, G, A7, D9, E7, A9, Dm, Em7, just to name a few.

simply guitar app by joytunes chords learning lessons on iphone

You can choose any guitar chords, watch the HD video tutorial, learn to play the chord and receive instant feedback on how you are playing, or use the interactive practice mode to make sure you got it right.

Extra guitar playing and learning tips

  1. Try and establish a regular practice routine made up of shorter sessions. This will be more effective than long but infrequent sessions.
  2. Aim to practice 3 to 4 times a week, in 30 to 40 minutes chunks, rather than playing for 3 hours once a week.
  3. Switch up your practice by playing songs from the Song Library.
  4. Take the time to feel confident in the skills you learn. If you find that you’d like to redo a level for extra practice, or go back to an exercise you particularly like, do just that.

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