How to juggle the pattern 423?

Siteswap pattern 423 is considered as the easiest 3 object siteswap besides the basic pattern – three balls cascade. 4 means the first ball goes straight up without crossing, 2 means holding the second ball in the other hand, this is just a beat or pause, followed by the third ball which is thrown across from hand to hand.

Siteswap pattern 423 is a simple three ball pattern made up of alternating two-in-ones (siteswap 40) from each hand. In the pattern 40, 4 means the two balls are thrown using the same hand with non-crossing throws, 0 means there’s no ball in the other hand.

How to juggle two balls in one hand? Animator pattern 40

If you hold one ball in the other hand while you are doing the 2 in 1 hand juggling, that is another pattern 42. By the way, you can discover more siteswap patterns and enhance your juggling skills using a juggling siteswap generator & animator on iPhone, iPad.

Before learning the 423, make sure you can do the siteswap juggling pattern 40. Then add the third ball to your non-dominant hand, which is the new pattern 42 as we mentioned above. We will start with two balls in your dominant hand and one ball in your non-dominant.

Start juggling a two-in-one (the rolling out pattern) with your dominant hand, and then toss one of the two balls to your non-dominant hand. That is the 3 in the pattern 423, throw the ball from your dominant hand to the non-dominant hand. The third ball reach the peak and then travel down at an angle towards your non-dominant hand. Catch the third ball with your non-dominant hand and stop. In this way, we have completed the sequence of numbers 423.

The next step is to do the sequence of numbers 4234.

Again start juggling a two-in-one (the rolling out pattern) with your dominant hand. This time, when the third ball peaks, throw the ball in your non-dominant hand so you can free your hand to catch this ball which was thrown from your dominant hand as if you are doing a two-in-one juggling, and then catch the ball thrown from your dominant hand. And then catch the previous ball which was thrown up vertically, and stop to finish the sequence of numbers 4234.

Repeat above steps and practice several times until you are comfortable with the sequences of throws.

Then initiate the juggling from your non-dominant hand.

Finally you can do the full symmetrical pattern 423 423 423….

The W vs 423 juggling

The W, also known as the Columns 423, is a variation of the 423. As we mentioned in the siteswap 40 tutorial, there are two patterns for two balls in one hand juggling, the shower pattern and the columns pattern. In the columns pattern, each ball is thrown along the same vertical path, with you hands moving between the outside and inside balls. If you do the one-handed juggling rolling out pattern with crossing throws, you get the 423; and you get the W if you mix the columns 40 with vertical throws and the alternate crossing throws.

Animations above are created by GIF server at Jugglinglab.

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