Huawei and iPhone file sharing via Huawei Share

Looking for an easy way to send files, such as photos, videos, from Huawei to iPhone or from iPhone to Huawei phone? Forget Bluetooth which is problematic. Don’t bother USB transfer using a desktop computer in the middle. It is too complicate. In fact, both iPhone and Huawei smartphones allow users to quickly share files and documents with people nearby using their built-in file sharing utility. We have the AirDrop on iPhone, and on Huawei, the similar tool is called Huawei Share. Is it possible to make use of AirDrop or Huawei Share to exchange files between an iPhone and Huawei mobile phone? Huawei Share makes files sharing between Huawei phone and Android, Huawei and iOS devices seamless. Today, we will show you how to achieve that using Huawei Share in conjunction with a third-party file manager app called FE File Explorer for iOS

Step 1. Turn on Huawei Share on Huawei phone

Unlock your mobile phone, open Settings, choose Device connection from the list. Find and tap on Huawei Share. On the Huawei Share screen, you can firstly turn on Huawei Share, then enable Computer Share.

setup Huawei Share on Huawei mobile phone

Step 2. Connect to Huawei Share from iPhone

Go to the linked page at the first paragraph above and get the file manager app from App Store to your iPhone. This is a paid-for file manager app. 

file explorer pro iphone

From the home screen of this app, tap the + Add button at the top right corner to add new connections. 

file explorer pro to create new connections from iphone

Choose NAS from the above list. Scroll down to the bottom, the file manager app on your iPhone should find your Huawei phone automatically and list it under the Network Neighborhood section. Tap on your Huawei phone name, in the Connect as dialog, choose Registered User.

iPhone connect Huawei phone file sharing via FE file explorer app

You’ll be prompted to login using Huawei Share username and password. Go to find it from your Huawei mobile phone if you can’t remember it. After authentication, you will be able to browse files saved on your Huawei phone from your iPhone.

Step 3. Copy files between Huawei phone and iPhone

It is extremely easy to follow from here. The file manager works like the stock Files app on iPhone. Open folders on your Huawei phone right from your iPhone, browse to Gallery or other folders saved in your Huawei phone’ storage, select files, then copy them to a location on your iPhone. The file transfer from iPhone to Huawei phone via Huawei Share involves a similar process. 

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