Install custom fonts on iPhone iPad

Since iOS 13, the new font management feature was introduced. We can now install custom founts and use them in our favorite apps on iPhone iPad. It is easier to install and manage custom fonts than before. Unlike custom fonts on Mac or Windows computer, we can’t install custom fonts downloaded from the web, we have to install fonts from font apps downloaded from the App Store. Today, we will show you how to install custom fonts on iPhone and iPad that is running iOS 13 and later. If you are on iOS 12 or earlier, the new fonts setup and management method won’t work. You should install the font via the profile on iOS 12 and earlier versions.

There are many fonts app on App Store. However not all of them support this new feature in iOS 13. We are sure that more and more fonts apps will be adding support for this feature soon. You can download the free Font Diner app which provide 23 fonts for free and you can purchase extra fonts through it if like.

Launch the fonts app on your iPhone or iPad, you should see the free font set at the top of the fonts list on its home screen. Tap on the ‘Activate’ button, you will then get the slide up menu at the bottom, tap on ‘Agree’ , the Install Fonts confirmation dialog pops up, tap on Install to install the fonts on your iPhone or iPad.

install free fonts using font diner on iphone

Manage custom fonts on iPhone iPad

Now go to Settings > General > Fonts, you will find the list of all fonts that have just installed.

access installed fonts from settings on iphone

To uninstall or delete a font, simply swipe left to reveal the Remove button, tap on it to delete a font from your iPhone or iPad.

Use custom fonts on iPhone iPad

Once the third-party fonts were installed on your iOS device, you can use them in some stock apps and third-party apps that support it.

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