Install OCR Languages for Scanner Pro on iPhone

Scanner Pro is a professional PDF document scanner app for iPhone. You can use it to scan paper documents to PDF using your iPhone. With its advanced Optical Character Recognition technology, you can turn the scannings into searchable PDF documents. It allows users to import pictures into the app so you can extract text from photos on iPhone.

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The PDF scanner currently support 20 languages. It is able to recognize text from document with the accuracy rate of 95% to 100%.

Unlike some OCR apps that upload your personal documents to a cloud server to perform OCR, Scanner Pro offers on-device OCR. Once you downloaded the OCR languages, you can extract text from documents offline.

When you use its OCR feature for the first time or just upgrade the scanner app to a newer version, go to check see if the language you need has been downloaded. Or when you find the scanner app can’t read words in your picture or PDF document well or many errors after the OCR, chances are the needed language pack is not installed yet, go to download the language from its Settings.

Install OCR Languages for Scanner Pro on iPhone
Install OCR Languages for Scanner Pro on iPhone

To install extra languages, go to its Settings > Text Recognition (OCR). You will see the list of all languages supported, English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Russian, Portuguese, Dutch, Turkish, Polish, Swedish, Norwegian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Czech, Danish, Greek, Croatian, Estonian and Ukrainian. You will see a check icon next to the installed language. Tap Install button next to a language to download the language to the scanner app on your iPhone.

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