iPhone PC file sharing – a free and quick way

AirDrop is an effective way to quickly share files between iPhone and Mac. It however can’t help iPhone users transfer files between iPhone and Windows computers. As a result we have to use third-party file transfer apps, such as Zapya, Xender, MFiles, etc. MFiles, renamed to Love Transmission Lite sicne V1.6.3, provides iPhone users a quick way to send files from iPhone to PC or the other way around. It is wireless, ads free, lightweight, the most recent V1.6.3 is only 7.7MB. You don’t need any USB cable as long as you have access to Wi-Fi networks or connect the mobile to the computer’s hotspot.

Here’s how the free file sharing app works.

Connect both your Windows computer and iPhone to the same LAN. Install MFiles app on iPhone. You don’t need to install any app or program on the computer side. Simply use a desktop web browser to access files on your iPhone.

Launch the file sharing app on iPhone. Its Files tab opens. Tap on the Add (+) icon at the top right corner to import album or files from the stock Files app on iPhone to the file transfer app.

Then tap on the Menu button at the top left corner to expand the sidebar, choose Serve from the category, you can then find the options to turn on/off HTTP and WebDAV servers. You can touch on the toggle besides Start HTTP Server to turn your iPhone into a file server and access it through web browsers on other computers and devices in the same LAN.

MFiles start HTTP server on iphone

The HTTP server address appears, starting with http:// and followed by your device server IP.

Open a desktop browser on your Windows computer, such as Edge, Chrome, Firefox, to access your iPhone through above HTTP server address.

Click on the Save icons before the file names to download them from iPhone to PC individually. Click on the Upload Files button to upload new files from Windows computer to iPhone.

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