A scanner is used for copying a picture or document into a computer. Now you can replace it with your iPhone and a scanner app on it. iScanner is a handy scanner app that turns your iPhone or iPad into a powerful mobile scanner. Like a traditional scanner, an iPhone scanner app can also convert images, text, documents into digital form for easier storage, display and share.

Scan with iPhone

Turn your iPhone iPad into powerful mobile scanner with this powerful PDF scanner app

E-sign documents

Add digital signature to your scanned documents on iPhone

Scan anything you need

receipts, documents, contracts, paper note, fax papers, book pages, business cards, etc.

Advanced PDF scanner

Automatic shutter and border detection, batch scan, recognize text from scans using OCR

download the app

iscanner app for iphone

iScanner app main features

  1. Scan anything you want, documents, receipts, book, fax papers, paper notes, business cards, ID card, bank cards, passport, photos, paper contract, etc.
  2. Easily scan, save and share your digital copies in PDF or JPEG format.
  3. OCR technology to recognize text from scans so you can copy, paste, edit text on them.
  4. E-sign to add a signature to your PDF documents.
  5. Save scans to Camera Roll, share via Email, backup to iCloud, print with any Wi-Fi printer, upload to any cloud services, like Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, Yandex Disk, your choice.


l have been scanning documents for work and church choir “old school style” for a while now. This app is so handy and saves a TON of time! | recommend playing around with it to see if you like it and download the Pro version because it installs a different app for Pro and I didn’t see a way to carry your documents over. The Pro version has a few really cool features you’ll love. This app is a necessity in business for sure. I’ve been playing around with it for only 20 minutes and already made a couple PDFs of songs I need for mass tomorrow. I am so excited about this app! Make sure to pay attention to the tutorial when you first launch the app, FYI. I definitely recommend this app!!!!

A Necessity!!!

| used this app at first just deleting as I went the first few so I didn’t have to pay for it because I” admit I’m not one to pay for an app when so many free options are around that is until I realized how truly awesome this app is! It was great using the lite/free version and since I deal a lot with legal documents in my educational field I decided that this app was a must have, I can now scan, upload, fax, etc my documents from ANYWHERE-to make it even better the full paid version allows me to pin/fingerprint lock the documents that are legally binding and for certain viewers only and I’m just in love with the ease and access it provides! | recommend for anyone in any career I use it for personal reasons as well as for work! Not to mention was able to offload my Neat scanner and free up some space and I would recommend this over any other app or product out there and I’ve used numerous! Yay I’Scanner! Seriously worth the money!

Best app for all the things

I love this app, absolutely love it. I’ve thrown out my Fujitsu scan snap because this app is so awesome. The fact I can upload to google drive right from the app and it has OCR built in (not that I’ve found a reason to take advantage yet) I was hesitant because of the reviews but my experience has been nothing but positive. I love that I can just use the manual option and crop things later and make it fit. The color, BW, and the fading features are awesome! I can’t wait to use it and | get excited every time I have something to scan.

No app is perfect and | feel to give 5 stars would be to say there’s no way this app can be better. WELL worth the money for sure. With such a digital world we live in it just helps to have my smart phone replace one more device and it can now fit in my pocket.

Right now my wife and I are being licensed for Foster Care and there is A TON of paper work. As much paperwork as there is there’s more people requesting that paper work so the fact that I can email from the app and store information in the cloud, is HUGE for us to stay organized.

Highly recommend to evervone!

I never give 5 star ratings

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