How to juggle two balls in one hand?

Basically there are two patterns for two balls in one hand juggling or one-handed juggling with two balls, the shower pattern and the columns pattern.

With the shower pattern, you throw the ball in an elongated circle, normally throw the balls in an arc to the right (clockwise) if the right hand is being used.

How to juggle two balls in one hand? Animator pattern 40
Animation created by GIF server at Jugglinglab.

And throw two balls to the left (counter-clockwise) if the left hand is being used. This is also known as the one-handed juggling rolling out pattern.

If the balls are thrown in an arc in the opposite or reverse direction, say you throw the ball in an arc to the left using your left hand, we say this the rolling in pattern.

The columns pattern is to throw the two balls straight up so the two balls go up and down vertically, just like two columns.

Here we will discuss how to practice the most common two-in-one juggling with your dominant hand, pattern 40 if your right hand is being used or pattern 04 if your left hand is being used. iJuggle is a free siteswap generator & animator for iPhone, iPad. You can discover more siteswap patterns using this free app on your mobile phone.

Every throw is a 4 in with consistent height in the same hand, you throw and catch balls with the same hand; 0 means the other hand is empty. You hold two balls in one hand, and none in the other. Understand asynchronous siteswap juggling patterns.

Raise your forearm to toss the first ball up and slightly to the side of your throwing hand. If you use the right hand, throw the balls slightly to the right side. As we described as the rolling out pattern above.

When the first ball reaches its peak, throw the second ball up, also slightly to the side of your throwing hand, same as the first ball.

Until now, we have thrown the two balls out up in the air. It’s time to catch them. Move out your hand quickly and slightly to the side of your throwing hand, get ready to let the first ball fall into your hand. After catching the first ball, let the second ball fall into your hand to finish one throw and catch period. Toss, toss and then catch, catch. Repeat these steps several times until you can complete a few catches in a row with no missing catches or no balls hitting the ground, you can then move in your hand and toss the first ball instead of waiting for the second ball to fall, and then repeat.

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