Lock photos with Owlfiles app on iPhone

Owlfiles is powerful file manager app for Mac, iPhone, iPad. You allows you to access files on local storage, server, NAS and cloud storage, transfer files from any location to another, stream movies and music to your mobile or desktop device and even more. It’s free to download and use but you can subscribe to its pro version if you want more advanced features. This file manager offers the password protection feature to create secure folders and lock private files and data in it.

Owlfiles File Manager app

Lock photos in Notes

The Notes app on iPhone can secure notes that have your personal data with a password, Face ID or Touch ID. You can go to create a password for an account in Notes app, then create a note with sensitive information you like to hide, such as financial details, medical information, website logins, private photos, videos, attached, and lock this note with the password. Here are the quick steps you can follow:

  •  Open the Settings app on iPhone.
  •  Tap Notes > Password.
  •  If you have multiple accounts, such as your iCloud account, On my iPhone, etc., choose the account you want to protect with a password.
  •  Follow the prompts to either Use iPhone Passcode or Create Password. If you choose to create a Notes password, set a password hint.
  • If your device supports it, enable Face ID or Touch ID, so you will be able to access locked notes with either the Notes password, the Face ID/Touch ID.
  • Tap Done.

Lock photos with Notes VS Owlfiles

If you need to lock couple of photos or image files on iPhone, you can go for Notes. Owlfiles app is a comprehensive file manager. It can help you put those secret pictures, photos into different albums, groups for easier management. You will be able to lock the whole album or folder, other than lock individual photos one by one. What’s more, many people may already know the Notes can lock files and whenever a note is locked, there will be a lock icon appears so people can know which notes you are hiding something behind. On the contrary, Owlfiles app is lesser known as a file locker which is better for security. You can even hide the Owlfiles app from your iPhone home screen following below steps.

Hide Owlfiles app on iPhone

If you want to add another layer to the privacy of the Owlfiles app on iPhone, you can drag this app into a folder on your iPhone screen. Try to add more apps to this folder to make it harder to find an app. Alternatively you can also remove the app from the Home screen. To do that, tap and hold the app, choose Remove App from the contextual menu, finally select Remove from Home Screen. This will remove Owlfiles app from the home screen, but you will still be able to find it through manually search in the App Library.

Lock photos with Owlfiles file manager

Unlike Notes app which locks individual notes one by one and attached photos can be locked at the same time. Owlfiles app uses the app lock or password to prevent unauthorized access to this app and all files saved in it.

Basically you have to firstly enable password protection from the Settings of the file manager so the password is required each time you open the app. Then go to create folders, create, import or move any files you like to protect, like photos, videos, movies, notes, contacts, login credentials in the Owlfiles app.

Step 1. Enable password protection

We will need to firstly enable the app password. Run the file manager app on your iPhone. Tap More menu at the bottom.

owlfiles file manager more menu on iphone

Select Settings > Set Password.

owlfiles file manager settings on iphone

You will then be able to set a password to protect the app and any data inside.

owlfiles file manager password settings on iphone
  • Touch the On/Off toggle besides Enable Password to turn on password protection;
  • Type in the same password in both Password and Confirm Password fields;
  • Enable Touch ID so you can unlock the file manager app and all files locked in it with your iPhone Touch ID or disable it so one can only open it with the password you have set above;
  • Create 2 questions and answers for password recovery.

Once you finished the password settings above, tap on Save button at the top right corner to save the change.

Step 2. Create secure folder and protect files

In Owlfiles file manager, switch to My Files tab from the bottom. Owlfiles (On My iPhone) is the secure folder where you can save those private files, secret documents. You can open it to create sub-folders for different file types, such as photos, videos, movies, contacts, documents, for easier management. You can also move existing folders or files to this Owlfiles folder or any sub-directories to keep the folder and all files beneath locked.

owlfiles file manager access and manage my files on iphone

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