Make a GIF from a video on iPhone without any app

People like to share animated GIFs in the conversations through WhatsApp, WeChat and other chat apps or social platforms. In a previous post, we used the GIF maker for iPhone to convert videos to GIF files. It makes the creation of GIFs on the iOS device very easy. Now you can do pretty much everything without relying too much on third-party apps since we have the new Shortcuts app built-in with the iOS. You can follow below quick steps to create a shortcut and turn a video into a GIF on the iPhone without any third-party apps. Run Shortcuts app on your iPhone, switch to the Gallery from the bottom and search for gif, find the item ‘Make GIF‘, click the Add (+) icon to add it to your shortcuts.

You can then switch back to My Shortcuts tab where all your shortcuts are listed.

iPhone shortcuts - make GIF

Tap on Make GIF from the home screen of the Shortcuts, you will be prompted to select source video which you like to turn into GIF on iPhone.

Browse through your video albums on iPhone to find and import the video into the GIF maker. Then play the video and select only the part you like to convert. Drag the bars to select and trim the video.

Hit Save button, the selected portion of the source video will be converted to GIF.

Wait for the video to be converted into GIF and press Done when the conversion completes. You can then find the created GIF file in Photos app.

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