Make a photo collage using Canva on iPhone

Want to combine two or more pictures into one on iPhone? You can use a photo combiner or collage maker app for that. In a previous guide, we demonstrated how you can merge two or more pictures using photo combiners & editors on iPhone. Today, we’d like to share with iPhone users another great graphic editor and collage maker, the Canva app. Unlike other photo apps, Canva is a template based image editor and collage maker. It comes with so many professional collage templates and designs both free and paid. We will walk you through the quick steps to make a collage of pictures with professional layouts and templates for free on iPhone. Download the free version of Canva before we get started.

canva graphic design creator

Launch the graphic editor app on your iPhone. On the Home screen of Canva, you will see all kinds of graphic designs, such as Whiteboards, Poster, Portrait, Mobile Poster, Logo, Phone Wallpaper, Presentation, Resume, Electronic Name Card, photo collage, Flyer, Day Sign, Business card, Greeting card, etc. Other than click through the categories to find the template or design, you can simply do a search for collage, photo collage, or mobile photo collage.

search collage templates in canva app on iphone

Then make use of the filters to find the ideal template through theme, style, price, color, etc. There are numerous free collage templates you can use. Make sure to keep your iPhone connected to internet as the editor will need to download the selected template from the server.

filter, find free photo collage templates in canva app on iphone

It offers a wide selection of ready-to-use collage layouts and templates so you can always find the one you like. Making a photo collage is very easy and straightforward. All you need to do is choose a layout you like, edit the text in the template or add text to it, replace pictures in the template with your own photos, and you’re done.

edit text in photo collage using canva app on iphone

Optionally tap on a grid or photo to select, drag and drop it to reposition it on the canvas, drag its borders to resize it; delete any image or grid you don’t want from the template; add filters, effects to your photos, add frames, crop pictures, and many more.

edit photo collage using canva app on iphone

Once you finished the design, tap on the Save button at the upper right corner to export the photo collage from Canva app to your Camera Roll on iPhone, copy or export it to other apps on your iPhone or share it with anyone you like.

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