Make photo grid with caption and text on iPhone

They say that a picture’s worth a thousand words. In an earlier post, we demonstrated how to make photo collage on iPhone with Photoshop Express so you can present your idea in a more effective and clear way. However images are not always more powerful than words. Images have their own limitations as well. Compared to images, Words can provide context for the visuals. Sometime images and text must work together in order to explain ourselves effectively. Today, we will introduce another great photo grid maker for iPhone which allows us to add title, caption or text description to our photos.

PDF Photos is a photo to PDF converter for iPhone iPad. It can help us quickly import photos from Camera Roll and convert them to PDF documents with various photo grid layout. You can also choose to export your work as image other than PDF. See the rough walkthrough with screenshots below.

Run the photo to PDF converter app on your iPhone or iPad. It will ask you to choose or create page layout on its home screen. The basic page layouts accept only images, if you like to add title, caption or text description in the photo grid, you should go for a advanced page layout.

page layouts - pdf photos app for iphone

Tap on Next to proceed to the Document Options screen where you can customize page header, footer, margins, orientation, image scale, etc.

document options pdf photos converter for iphone

Then import photos from Camera Roll to the photo collage maker. On the Preview screen, you can preview the photo grid, layout, images, text. Add the titles, captions, text descriptions to your photos here.

pdf photos app for iPhone - preview

Finally go to the Share screen to save the photo grid to your Camera Roll or share it as JPG image file.

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