Make your videos smaller on iPhone using ImgPlay

ImgPlay is not a specialized video compressor app. It is a free GIF maker app for iOS which can convert high quality photos, videos to compact GIF files. Since it supports video output, we can also use it to reduce file size of videos as a side benefit.

Here are several ways it makes our videos smaller.

Lower FPS

Lower frame rate will drop some details and decrease the size of the video. ImgPlay allows us to change the FPS Setting (5, 10, 15, 20, 24, 30) while editing or trimming video. The default FPS is set to 10. You can access this option from Settings > Options > FPS settings for video. You also have the option to view frames and manually delete any frame from your video.

convert video to gif on iphone using imgplay app

Trim videos

Delete the unwanted parts from a long video.

Crop videos

When you want to remove unwanted parts of your video, get rid of stranger or passerby, change the aspect ratio of your video, say from from 16:9 to 4:3 or the other way around, crop the video using ImgPlay.

Lower video quality

Before you save the video to your iPhone or share it with others, you also have the option to choose video quality.

Gif, video export - quality options - imgplay for iphone

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