Manage files on your server from iPhone using cPanel Web Disk

Web Disk is a built-in tool in cPanel which allows users to easily manage and manipulate files on your server in multiple types of interfaces, Mac, PC, Linux, Android, iOS, etc. For example, you can use your iPhone to connect to your web server and manage files on server using your iPhone. Before you can access web disk from iPhone, you will need to create a web disk account on the server first. We will discuss how iPhone users can access files on server using cPanel Web Disk app in this guide. Alternatively you can also directly add your personal web disk to your Windows computer WITHOUT the need for a third party tool, you can access your files saved on remote server just like you manage data saved on a local hard drive on your PC.

How to access web server and manage files from iPhone?

On your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you will need to install an app through which you can connect to remote server for file uploading, downloading, previewing, editing and more. Launch App Store on your iPhone, search ‘cPanel web disk‘ and install this app on your iOS device. Run this app, you will see its home screen like below.

add new server to cpanel web disk on iphone

We will need to create a new server in the cPanel Web Disk app first. Tap the Add (+ icon) at the top right corner of this server management app on iPhone, then input your web disk account details to connect.

setup web disk cpanel on iphone

Here you need to enter following info to add server to iPhone:

  • Site Name: whatever you would like to call the site or server on your iPhone
  • Server URL: ‘’ (SSL)
  • SSL: slide the SSL slider to the ON position
  • Site Username: your Web Disk account username
  • Password: your Web Disk account password

Tap on the Save button in the upper, right-hand corner of the screen to add the new server to iPhone. You will then be taken back to the cPanel Web Disk main screen where you should now find the newly created server or web disk. Tap the server name to open and view all files and folders on the remote web server from iPhone.

manage files on server from iphone through cpanel webdisk app

You can create, view, download, copy, move, rename, delete, open, play, email your website files right from your iPhone. It makes your site management very convenient on the go. You can create files and folders on iPhone and then upload them from iPhone to server.

create, files folders in cpanel webdisk on iphone

You can also upload photos, videos from your Camera roll to your website or server through this Web Disk app. Other than that, you can use the built-in audio recorder to record sound and voice and upload them from iPhone to your server; use the built-in Camera utility to capture photos or videos on iPhone and upload them to server. It is easy to keep files synced between iPhone and server, you can download files from server to iPhone, edit them on iPhone, then upload the revised version to server to overwrite the existing version.

upload files from iphone to server using cpanel web disk

Connect to server through FTP from iPhone

FTP is a great alternative to Web Disk. You can also download a FTP client app on iPhone, then Connect to FTP server from iPhone using iTransfer for file uploading, downloading and more tasks.

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