Do you often find it hard to relax and find yourself lacking emotional stability? Do you feel you can’t sleep even when you are very tired? Do you travel on a plane and need a power nap? MellowMe is designed to help you to address these concerns. Use it before the day starts, at your office, before meetings, while commuting…even in the airports or during flights. It can be your calming tool throughout your busy day.

MellowMe Meditation & Breathe app iphone

Download MellowMe and finally clear your mind in order to drift off in peace-totally ad-free. Relax both body and mind to take a break.


More and more people have suffered from incredibly severe insomnia. How to get quality sleep? Counting sheep, valerian and nightcaps don’t help?

Now with MellowMe, you can reconnect with your natural ability to sleep. It includes popular and effective relaxing sounds for sound sleep:

  • White noise: Mixed with music can leads to hypnosis and relaxation
  • Light music: Good for Enlightment, Meditation and Sleep
  • Nature sounds: Reduce body’s natural fight-or-flight instinct to stress relief
  • Alpha wave music: Helpful for Brain Power, Focus, Concentration, Deep Sleep


Use MellowMe for daily relaxation, stress reduction and breath training. It helps you to de-stress and re-focus your mind to maximize your productivity, to develop your self-confidence and will power. With MellowMe, you can step out of stressful days, get a chance to de-stress and calm down.


  • Relieves sleeping disorder by blocking distractions
  • Relaxes and reduces stress
  • Pacifies fussy and crying babies
  • Improves efficiency of work and study
  • Increases focus and concentration
  • Soothes headache, migraine, vertigo and ear ringing
  • Extracts the greater benefits of meditation
  • Shows encouraging results for ADHD
  • Maintains privacy by masking other sounds


  • High quality and naturally recorded sounds
  • Full screen breath visualization
  • Simple gesture-based design, swipe between sounds
  • Plays in the background and when your iPhone is locked
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Simple sharing


  • Get full version of MellowMe
  • Sleep better and rexlax yourself with MellowMe
  • There are more tracks on the way, stay tuned
  • Availability and features may vary by country
  • Membership renews automatically after trial, cancel anytime

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