Merge & batch delete multiple contacts, name cards on iPhone

The powerful contacts or name cards management is one of the Android features iPhone users envy the most. For example, Samsung mobile allows users to automatically merge contacts, delete duplicate contacts, create groups in Contacts, batch import/export contacts, etc. The contacts management before iOS 16 however is very basic. There’s much you can do in Contacts on iPhone without third-party apps, iCloud or a phone management software on computer in the middle. With Apple’s iOS 16, we’re most excited to see the new functions to merge multiple name cards and batch remove two or more contacts on iPhone right inside the Contacts app. No extra apps required.

Merge multiple name cards on iPhone

Make sure you have upgraded to the latest iOS 16 from Settings before we continue.

Open the Contacts app on your iPhone. Swipe up or down to locate the name cards you want to merge. Then use two fingers to swipe up or down to select two or more adjacent name cards in the list. If you need to select and combine several inconsecutive name cards, just tap with two fingers to select all of them one by one.

Once you have selected the name cards you like to consolidate, use just one finger to long press on one of them, the contextual menu pops up, choose Merge Cards item from the menu to merge all selected contacts on iPhone.

Merge multiple name cards in contacts app on iPhone

Delete multiple contacts in batch on iPhone

Now you should see how to select multiple contacts on iPhone. Just follow above steps to select all the duplicate name cards in Contacts app on iPhone, long press on one name card from your selection to get the context menu, you will have the option to remove multiple duplicate contacts in batch.

Delete, remove multiple duplicate contacts in batch on iPhone

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