How to merge contacts on iPhone iPad using WeSync?

Are you looking for a quick way to merge duplicate contacts on iPhone or iPad? There are different reasons we may get duplicate contacts on iPhone and iPad. Since you are already here, you may already know the reason. It could be email sync, itunes sync, VCF contacts importing, etc. We will not discuss further about the reason why duplicate contacts exist on iOS device. Instead of that, we will provide a quick heads up about how you can get rid of duplicate contacts on iPhone iPad. Check out instructions below to combine duplicate copies of contacts for iPhone iPad.

How to merge contacts on iPhone iPad using WeSync?

WeSync is a iOS app developed by Tencent company who is also the developer of WeChat, QQ and many others. In an earlier guide, we showed you how to delete multiple contacts or all contacts on iPhone using this app. You can download it here before we use it to combine contacts on iOS device. Run this app on iPhone, you will get a screen like below.

wesync app for iphone home

No need to sign in if you want to merge contacts on iPhone using this free app. We are not sure if the developer would limit this feature to registered users in future upgrades. Currently you can use it without any account or member ID. Tap the menu icon from the top left corner of the app on iPhone to open its menu screen as below.

iphone wesync app menu

Tap Organize contacts >> Merge Duplicate Contacts. See below screenshot.

wesync app to organize contacts on iphone

You will then see a list of all duplicate contacts on iPhone as shown from below screenshot. If you do not like to merge certain duplicate contacts, simply touch the Edit button from the top right corner, then an Ignore button in red shows up below each pair or group of duplicate contacts, you can choose to prevent certain contacts to be merged. Tap on the Intelligent Merge button at the bottom of this ‘Merge Contacts’ screen to quickly merge all duplicate contacts in just one go. If you like more advanced features to edit, preview contacts after merging, you should use a more powerful iPhone data manager software. Check out this guide to merge duplicate contacts on iPhone iPad. From the linked page, you will be able to select and merge contacts from specific account(s), you can find duplicate contacts by different filters and criteria. You can preview the contact details before merge them. Optionally you can edit contact name, phone number, email address, storage location manually before merge them together.

merge duplicate contacts on iphone using wesync

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    1. you do not need to log in to the app as we have specified in the above guide. you can use some of its features without any account or login.

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