How to merge contacts on iPhone iPad?

Are you looking for a quick way to merge duplicate contacts on iPhone or iPad? There are different reasons we may get duplicate contacts on iPhone and iPad. Since you are already here, you may already know the reason. It could be email sync, itunes sync, VCF contacts importing, etc. We will not discuss further about the reason why duplicate contacts exist on iOS device. Instead of that, we will provide a quick heads up about how you can get rid of duplicate contacts on iPhone iPad. Check out instructions below to combine duplicate copies of contacts for iPhone iPad.

Method 1. Merge multiple contacts, name cards on iPhone iPad

Open the Contacts app on your iPhone. Swipe up or down to locate the name cards you want to merge. Then use two fingers to swipe up or down to select two or more adjacent name cards in the list. If you need to select and combine several inconsecutive name cards, just tap with two fingers to select all of them one by one.

Once you have selected the name cards you like to consolidate, use just one finger to long press on one of them, the contextual menu pops up, choose Merge Cards item from the menu to merge all selected contacts on iPhone.

Merge multiple name cards in contacts app on iPhone

Method 2. Link multiple contacts, name cards on iPhone iPad

If you have contacts saved from different sources on your iPhone, you may end up with multiple entries or name cards for the same person in your Contacts list. To avoid having duplicate contacts cluttering your list, you can link and present contacts with the same name from different sources as a single, unified contact.

Link contacts manually on iPhone following these steps:

  1. Tap one of the contacts, tap Edit, then tap Link Contacts.
  2. Choose the other contact entry to link to, then tap Link.
Link multiple contacts, name cards on iPhone

Link VS Merge contacts or name cards

  • When you link contacts, those contacts aren’t merged.
  • If you link contacts that have different first or last names, the names on each individual contact card will remain the same. However, only one name will be displayed on the unified card. You have the option to select which name you want to appear on the unified card.
  • Whenever you make modifications or additions to a unified contact, the changes will be automatically reflected in every source account where the same information already exists.

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    1. you do not need to log in to the app as we have specified in the above guide. you can use some of its features without any account or login.

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