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The Voice Memos app is the stock sound recorder on iOS devices. It however provides only the very basic features. Awesome Voice Recorder(AVR) is a third-party voice recorder app for iOS, a great alternative to the Voice Memos. Today, we will show you how this app can help iPhone users merge two or more voice memos or sound recordings on iPhone.

Copy sound recordings from Voice Memos to AVR

Run Voice Memos app on your iPhone, you will see the list of sound recordings. Tap on the title to expand the controls of a voice recording, like Play, Rewind, Forward, Delete. Tap on the More (three dots) button to bring up the menu at the screen bottom, choose Share… to open the action menu. Find and choose Copy to AVR or Copy to AVR Pro (Awesome Voice Recorder comes with both pro and basic versions). Repeat the steps to copy more voice recordings from Voice Memos app to the AVR app.

Note that the voice memos will be renamed and copied to the Imported folder in AVR app.

Alternatively you can select the voice memos, select Share, then choose Save to Files > AVR or AVR Pro. In this way, iPhone voice memos will be saved to the Unknown folder in AVR app and their file name won’t be changed.

Join two or more iPhone voice memos into one

Merging audio files in AVR app is not very intuitive. First time users may find it is difficult to get to the combine screen. You can refer to this guide to merge audio files on iPhone using AVR app with screenshots and detailed instructions. Or follow rough walkthrough outlined below.

Open the folder where all the voice memos are saved. Tap on the title of one voice recording in the list, you will see the play control bar at the bottom. Tap the Edit button, the last one to the very right end. You will then open the Edit screen.

awesome voice recorder iphone edit audio recordings

Tap the Combine button, the two chain link symbol, tap on it to open the Combine screen as below.

awesome voice recorder to combine audio recordings on iphone
awesome voice recorder to combine audio recordings on iphone

Tap on the + icon to add extra sound recordings. Hit the Edit button to reorder the voice recordings in the list or delete unwanted audio clips. Touch the Save button at the bottom, choose an audio file format and combine the selected audio files into one.

iPhone voice memos merging alternatives

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