Merge multiple PDF documents on iPhone

We may need to merge two or more PDF documents in some situations. The PDF element is a free PDF reader, editor and converter app for iPhone and iPad. You can use it to merge multiple PDF files into one in a few steps right on your iPhone or iPad.

How to merge PDF files on iPhone iPad?

First download the free PDF editor app for iOS from Apple App Store on to your iPhone.

If the PDF documents you like to combine are saved on your computer hard drive, you can make use of the Wi-fi transfer tool within this PDF app to transfer PDF files from computer to iPhone over Wi-Fi. If the PDF files are saved in some app on your iPhone, you can use the Share, Open in or Copy to feature to load them from a third party app to the PDF Element app.

Run the PDF editor app on iPhone. Tap on the Edit icon at the top right corner of the PDF editor app on iPhone, then select the PDF files you want to combine, finally tap the Merge button at the screen bottom to merge the selected PDF files together into one PDF file on your iOS device.

Merge multiple PDF doc on iPhone

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  1. Excellent app. I was skeptical that it would do what I wanted to do, instead it was so easy that I was surprised. Great job on creating the app.

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