Merge multiple photos on iPhone

PDF Photos is a free image to PDF converter. It allows iPhone users to easily and quickly convert pictures, photos, images, screenshots to PDF files on iPhone. It is best known as a JPG to PDF converter app. In fact it can also help us create cool photo grid or photo collage. In this article, we will introduce this hidden feature with screenshots. Anyone like to create photo grid or make photo collage, just follow these simple steps.

When you launch the PDF Photos app on iPhone, the Page Layouts tab opens by default. Here you can choose a basic multiple image in one page layout with or without text. If you can’t find the layout you prefer. Scroll down to the bottom, tap Create Layout to make a custom page layout.

custom page layouts in pdf photos iphone

You can set the row numbers and column numbers in one page. Apply a page layout, then proceed to next step.

document options pdf photos converter for iphone

Disable cover page, cover color and other options you do not need here. You can find some useful options at the lower section, such as page margins, photo orientation, image scale, paper size, etc. Tweak the settings here and you will have the chance to preview the result in the Preview tab. In the next screen, we can pick photos, pictures, images, sceen captures from our Camera Roll and add them to the image to PDF converter.

add photos to pdf photos converter app for iphone

Press Next button to preview the images and make changes accordingly. Finally we come to the Share screen where we can choose how to save, send or share the created PDF or image file. Here you can choose Photos to save the merged photos to the Photos app on iPhone or choose Share as JPG to convert the added image files to JPG file(s) so you can email, send, print and share them as image files other than PDF documents.

export share settings in pdf photos converter app for iphone

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