Merge multiple video clips on iPhone

iPhone allows users to directly trim videos in Camera Roll on iPhone without any third party video editors or apps. However if you want to join multiple video clips into one, you will still need a video editor app. There are many video editors on Apple App Store. Most of them are not free though especially those good ones. Videoshop is exceptional. It is a iOS video editor and movie maker. You can use it to edit you videos recorded on iPhone or iPad, convert photos to videos on iOS device and share in your social networks. Today, we will show you how to merge two or more videos into one on iPhone.


Method 1. Combine multiple videos in iMovie app

We can’t talk about video editing without mentioning the iMovie app by Apple. It is pre-installed on Mac, iPhone and iPad. Simply to to create a movie in iMovie, then choose and add all video clips to the editor app.

iMovie select multiple video clips to create movie on iphone

Once you have imported all the clips, you will have the option to edit videos individually, change transition effects between video clips, drag and drop to reorder them to the sequence you prefer.

iMovie combine multiple video clips on iPhone

Preview the video after editing. Once you are satisfied with the result, hit the Done button and proceed to save or share the video project. Yon can choose to save it to the Photos app, share it with other people, open it with any other app you prefer.

iMovie share save export video project on iphone

Method 2. How to merge video clips using Videoshop?

Videoshop is our favorite video editor. It is feature rich with plenty of useful tools and at the same time it is extremely easy to use. To merge multiple video clips into one, you can simply add all videos into the video editor from its home screen.

edit video using videoshop video editor on iphone

Then proceed to the next steps and save them to your Camera roll. No need to edit the videos or adjust any settings, all video clips added in the same project will be exported and saved as a single video.

Method 3. Combine and edit iPhone videos on computer

We only discuss how you can combine multiple videos on iPhone above. You can also download a desktop video editor to edit videos on your PC or Mac computers. For instance, you can use Format Factory for Windows, a free media program, to combine videos on PC. Mac users can use QuickTime player to achieve that. LosslessCut is a free, open-source and cross-platform video editor also worth a try.

Video editing bonus tips

Except the video merger feature, you can actually use above video editors to do a lot more things on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. You can reverse videos on iPhone, slow down or speed up video play, split long videos to short clips,add different transition effects between video clips, add video overlays & filters to create special visual effects, add text & titles to video clips, apply elements to decorate videos and so on.

It is a lot of fun to play with your videos. Enjoy the video editing and making on iPhone!

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  1. There is also this you may want to try, it is called Media Monster. It is a video editing app with amazing features you can use that includes merging multiple videos into one.

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