Miniature Videos Photos on iPhone iPad

How to make your scene look like a diorama or scale model on a iPhone or iPad? You may find a feature or function with some digital camera called miniature effect, such as Canon PowerShot, Nikon D5100 DSLR Camera. This miniature effect is also known as diorama effect. You can also use photo editing software such as Photoshop to fake the miniature effect or tilt shift photos. It simulates a technique known as “tilt-shift” photography. In this guide, we will recommend a miniature camera app for iPhone iPad which can help you make miniature photos and record miniature videos much easier than using Photoshop on a computer. Here is how a miniature photo looks like.

miniature effect tilt shift photo 1

miniature effect tilt shift photo 2

Take miniature videos and photos with miniature tilt-shift effect on iPhone iPad

In this article, we will show you how to use a miniature tilt-shift photos and videos app for iOS to achieve the special effect on your iPhone. The app we will be using is called MiniatureCam, costs $0.99.



When you tap to run this miniature app on your iPhone or iPad, it will defaults to the miniature camera mode for video recording. It supports stop motion effect, video play speed control, blur, contrast, bright, saturation, etc.

record miniature tilt-shift videos on iphone

If you like to make miniature photos other than videos, switch to the photo mode.

take miniature tilt-shift photos on iphone

Tap on the round button below the image or video capture window to take photos or videos, they will be saved to the album within the miniature camera app. On the top bar of the app, there are two buttons, an album button at the top left corner, a settings button at the top right corner. You can find all the saved miniature photos and videos from the album section. If you like, you can export any miniature or tilt-shift photos and videos from this app to your Camera Roll on iPhone or iPad.


Extra tips about Miniature Videos & Photos on iPhone iPad

  • You will have two blur modes, the lines mode and circles mode. You can touch on the lines or circles to change them into any position you like, horizontally, vertically, or in any angles. You can adjust the blur amount manually. There will be a blur option, to select it, you will see a horizontal bar which you can change the blur amount.
  • When you shot a photo on iPhone or iPad with the default Camera app, you will find you get a very large picture (i.e 3264*2448 px on my iPhone 4s) that could easily take more than 2 mb space. By using this miniature photos app, it normally generates 612*612 px photos that are ranging from 100kb to 500kb each. It can save your iPhone iPad space greatly. Sometimes if you do not need a picture on iPhone or iPad to has very high resolution or high quality, such as capturing a phone number, a quick note using your iPhone, you can use this app to take the photo and save your space. There will be an option to help you take photos without any special effects but only in a much smaller size, you get 612*612 px photos instead of high definition photos.
  • You can also use an online service to create miniature photos, such as

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