Move bookmarks to another folder on iPhone

You may find it is very intutitive to add a website to your bookmark on iPhone. But after you create a new folder in Safari for iPhone, how can you put a bookmark into a folder? Or sometimes when you have already saved a bookmark under one folder, how to move the individual bookmarks from one folder to another? Do you need to delete the old bookmark, surf the same site, then create a new bookmark? In this article, we will be using iPhone 6 as the example to show you how to rearrange bookmarks in Safari on iPhone 6, iOS 8 and earlier iPhone models.

Move bookmarks to a folder or another folder on iPhone 6

Tap to open Safari for mobile on your iPhone. Then tap on the Bookmark icon from the bottom of your iPhone browser.
access bookmark in Safari on iphone

You will open the Bookmarks screen in Safari. Tap on Edit button on the bottom right corner.

edit bookmarks on iphone

Now you will be in the bookmarks editing mode. If you can find the bookmark you want to move here, there will be a right arrow after it, tap on this right arrow to select and edit the bookmark. If you can’t see your bookmark here, it should have been put into a subfolder before. You can then tap on the folder to find and edit it.

edit selected bookmark on iphone

When you open a bookmark in the editing mode, you should see a Location option which shows its current folder. You can tap on it to move the bookmark from one folder to another.

change bookmark location in Safari on iphone

Choose a new folder from the existing folder list for the selected bookmark to move it. If like you can go to create a new folder at first.

choose bookmark folder on iphone

Now you have changed folder for the bookmark. Go go save the change.

save bookmark change on iphone

Tap on the Done button, and you will be taken to another screen where you should tap on Done button the second time to save the change of bookmark folders and quit.

You can refer to above instructions to move bookmarks to a folder, or move Safari bookmarks to different folders on iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, iPhone 4s and other iPhone models.

4 thoughts on “Move bookmarks to another folder on iPhone”

  1. It doesn’t work on an iPhone 7 under iOS 13. And I can’t find instructions in Apples EZ to rEeid eh-book on the new oh-esssss. (Sorry, not well pleased. Have had several weeks of frustration with Apple and this is the latest. Somehow, cheerful, relentlessly “up” attitudes that, in reality, aren’t solving anything—you know it, you know you have to go back for still more frustration. (I realize my experience is atypical but nevertheless it still sucks)). As for the bookmark question, any revised directions for my iPhone/OS? Thanks.

  2. Greg, i foung your inquiry while i was trying to move many bookmarks from one folder into another… It is absurb that ipad, etc can’t use a select, drag, drop method of moving a bunch at a time. I am tired of using 4 or 5 steps/clicks repeatedly in order to move 40 bookmarks, one at a time. C’mon Apple!

  3. Hello iOS App Weekly,

    The above-mentioned solution of moving 1 bookmark at a time is inefficient if you need to move 20+ bookmarks into a new folder. Could you please explain how to select many bookmarks and then move them all into a new folder at one time.

    Thank you,

    1. It seems you can’t batch move bookmarks to another folder on iPhone iPad for now. However you can put the whole folder as a sub-folder of a new folder, or rename the folder. For example, If you want to quickly move all bookmarks from A folder to B folder, you can rename A folder to B1 folder so you know B and B1 folders may contain related bookmarks, or move A folder into B folder as its sub-folder.

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