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Onetake is a video editing app specially optimized for vlogs. It offers all the necessary editing tools for your video. It even provides awesome songs for vlogs to make them look more professional. You can not only create and share your stories, but also discover and find a lot of interesting people, videos and posts in Onetake community. People have uploaded their work from over 200 countries around the globe.  You can not only batch import videos to split, but shoot and real-time preview the final picture of film presets by its in-app camera. Onetake applies the accurate analog color models on your video quite fast. You may also be amazed by its presets from Kodak, Fujifilm, and Agfa. Onetake now supports video (optimized for vlogs), still photos, and GIFs.

Introducing Onetake 3.0 with powerful video editing tools

  • Vlog Editing: From batch importing to video splitting, you can edit video whatever way you want on mobile devices;
  • Free Fonts: We’ve hand-picked a dozen of global fonts for our users to decorate the video titles and subtitles. They are all free to download;
  • Exclusive Music: We’ve got licenses from the top 10 vlog music producers of the world. You can use their tracks for free in Onetake;
  • Analog Presets: Now you can apply Onetake’s authentic film presets to your video. New presets are on the way;
  • Discover: Every day, we select the best video from our global creator community and share with you.
Onetake Vlog Video Editing app for iphone
Onetake Vlog Video Editing app for iphone

Film Presets

With the help of color scientists, Onetake built up color models for more than 20 classic 35mm film, including those from Kodak, Fujifilm, Agfa, and Ilford. With spectral data, our new presets can recreate the way film reacts to light on your mobile devices.

With a totally redesigned rendering engine, Onetake can apply the accurate analog color models on your digital photos, as well as GIFs and video. In our preset store, you will find the Authentic Film presets eventually. We provide more than 70 presets and counting.

Analog Textures

With super high-resolution scanning devices, we extract vignette, grain, and light leak textures from 35mm film rolls. Now you can apply these to your photos to simulate the essence of analog photography.

For both photos and GIFs, you can use 19 editing tools to make your work outstanding: exposure, contrast, white balance, fade, sky enhance, mirror, crop, and more. We even prepared 5 combinations of all these preferences to simulate the visual styles of analog film, magazine, instant camera, Lomography, and movies.

A Better Camera

With Onetake’s in-app camera, besides the adjustments of exposure, focus, frame ratio, the most exciting feature is, you can real-time preview the final effect of our presets. After pressing the shutter, you still have the ability to change your mind, try other presets, and subtly edit it.

We will save the original photo in its original size, with all the information we can gather in your EXIF data. All the information at the moment will be preserved.

Connect with the Community

When publish photos and GIFs on Onetake community, we can sync your work to other social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Weibo, and so on.

Meanwhile, we will help you preserve the information of location, city, weather, temperature at the moment you pressed the shutter. People have uploaded their work from over 200 countries around the globe.

With a new AI system, we will automatically tag your work with hashtags like cat, dog, outdoor, beach, sky, food, selfie. You can better organize your photos and GlFs, and you can find people share interests with you.

Making GIFs

What does it look like when a photo moves? With Onetake, you can create moving photos (or GIFs, just like the wizards’ newspapers). Find something that’s moving first (a dog, a person, a falling leave, or a street with running cars). When you press the shutter, Onetake will take a burst of 30 high-resolution photos, and generate a looping GlF.

The camera in Onetake supports multiple speed modes, including stop-motion, normal, fast forward, and time-lapse. Onetake brings you the leading stabilization technology from film industry. Your GlFs will be very stable with no tripod.


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