Open AZW, AZW3 files on iPhone iPad

A large number of Kindle books purchased from Amazon are in AZW3 format. Most of them are protected by DRM. But DRM free books in AZW3 format can be copied, shared and viewed just like Mobi and other unlocked ebooks. For example, you can download Kindle for Android, Windows or Mac and use them to read DRM free books in AZW3 format on your smartphone and computers. Unfortunately Kindle for iOS is not an option. We’ve tested Kindle app for iOS on an iPhone and found that AZW3 files, even DRM free, cannot be read with the Kindle app. Is there any way to read AZW3 books on an iOS device?

azw3 book format icon
azw3 book format icon

More about AZW and AZW3 books

AZW is a proprietary format of Amazon. It is developed by Amazon and are used by the Kindle eBook readers. Its successor AZW3 or KF8 was introduced when Amazon released Kindle Fire in the market in late 2011. AZW3 files usually include DRM protection to to prevent copying and illegal viewing. But DRM free books in AZW format can be shared and sent across different devices just like ePub, Mobi and other ebooks.

Basically there’re two ways to read AZW3 books on iPhone or iPad. You can either install a third party reader app which is able to read AZW3 file or convert them to a ebook format which is natively supported on iOS device.

Option 1. Read AZW3 books using Alook app on iPhone or iPad

Alook is a web browser for iOS. It is also a full-format e-book reader which can help you open and view txt, pdf, epub, mobi, azw, azw3, azw4, prc, pdb files. You can find more features of this app and get it from this page.

On your iPhone, you can use the Share with or Open with feature to copy the AZW3 books from other apps to Alook app. Or you can save the AZW3 books to the stock Files app first, then copy them to Files > On My iPhone > Alook > Documents. You can then tap to open the AZW3 file with Alook browser directly from Files app. Or launch Alook web browser app and access them from Menu > Files > Document.

Alook Web Browser on iPhone
Alook Web Browser

The web browser also provides us the Wi-Fi transfer tool to help us wirelessly copy various files and documents from computer or other mobile devices to our iPhone or iPad.

Option 2. Convert AZW3 books to ePub

Instead of paying for Alook app, you can also choose to download a free ebook converter and convert the AZW3 books to EPUB format which is compatible with Books app, the stock ebook reader for iOS. Calibre is one of the most popular ebook reader, converter and manager. It supports various output formats, such as ePUB, AZW, AZW3, FBZ, HTMLZ, LIT, LRF, MOBI, PDB, PDF, TEXT etc. It cannot convert AZW file (locked by DRM) but you should be able to convert DRM free books into EPUB for reading on your iPhone or iPad. You can download the free ebook program here. Also don’t forget to check out these steps to convert AZW3 books to Mobi or EPUB for more details.

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