Overlay videos on iPhone

Want to place one video on top of another on iPhone or iPad? Picture in picture is a technology to blend two or more videos and play them simultaneously. There are many video editing software can make video and/or image overlay. VideoShop is one of these video editors that can make a PIP video directly on iPhone iPad without the need to load the videos off to a computer.

Get this video editor from App Store on to your iPhone or iPad. Run the video editor, you will be prompted to record a video or import existing video clips. Touch Import Clip button from its home screen, browse to your Camera Roll to preview, select and add the video to the editor. At the lower section of the Edit screen, you can find the tool bar. Swipe left to reveal more tools until you find IMPOSE. Tap on it, you can then select another video clip from your Camera Roll and import it to the video editor app. The second video will be placed above the first video clip. See below figure.

overlay videos on iPhone using videoshop video editor
overlay videos on iPhone using videoshop video editor

You will then find the options to adjust volume of the second video clip, rotate the video, flip the video, split the video, drag and drop to move the top video to a different position, pinch on the video thumbnail to zoom in or out the video in front. Drag the video icon at the top section to any frame of the background video where you like the top video to start playing. When you made all the desired changes to the video. Tap the OK button (check button at the bottom right corner) to confirm. Then play the video before saving it. Cancel the video overlay if you are not satisfied with the picture-in-picture video so you can impose and edit the video again. If you are like the PIP video, tap the Save button at the top right corner, then tweak the video settings, finally save it to your Camera Roll, send to others, or share it in your social networks.

Add watermarks to protect your videos on iPhone

You may have already realized that you can impose not only video but also image to the background video. Thus you can use the same method to add watermark, logo, signature to videos on iPhone, the easiest way to protect your video copyright.

4 thoughts on “Overlay videos on iPhone”

  1. I have version 8.3. The layer option is not there for me either. I’m disappointed that all of a sudden this feature has been removed. I’m using Iphone 12 . How can they deploy the changes without properly testing if it works on all platforms?

    1. Which version of the VideoShop app do you use? I am on version The ‘Impose’ option can be found after the ‘Flip’ and before the ‘Freeze’ options under the Edit mode.

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