How to password protect a folder on iPhone?

iOS comes with the Files app which we can use to manage files and folders on iPhone. However it doesn’t allow users to make folders private or put a password on files so others can’t see or open them. In this article, we will explain how to password protect a folder and lock your private photos, videos and other files into this secure folder with third-party apps on iPhone.


Part 1. Lock files in Notes app on iPhone

It’s worth noting that some stock apps in iOS offer password protection feature, such as the Notes app. In Notes app, you can set a password to lock any private notes and you can even import any photo, video into a locked note to keep them hidden. It also allows you to scan a document to PDF and lock them in the secure note which is protected with a password. To lock a note in Notes, tap the More button, then tap Lock. Follow the prompts to either Use iPhone Passcode or Create Password. If you choose to create a notes password, set a password hint. If your device supports it, enable Face ID or Touch ID.

Notes app however can’t help users lock a folder so you have to attach photos, videos to notes individually and it makes those files attached to notes difficult to find and manage.

At this moment, you can’t use an app to lock other apps on iPhone. You can however enable password lock in an app to lock itself, and then create private albums or folders within the app. In this way, folders created in the app and those imported files are protected with the app passcode. Here we will show you how to achieve that with Owlfiles app and Folder Lock app.

Part 2. Lock files & folders with Owlfiles app on iPhone

Owlfiles is powerful file manager app for Mac, iPhone, iPad. You allows you to access files on local storage, server, NAS and cloud storages, transfer files from any location to another, stream movies and music to your mobile or desktop device and even more.

Owlfiles File Manager app

Step 1. Enable password protection

We will need to firstly enable the app password. Run the file manager app on your iPhone. Tap More menu at the bottom.

owlfiles file manager more menu on iphone

Select Settings > Set Password.

owlfiles file manager settings on iphone

You will then be able to set a password to protect the app and any data inside.

owlfiles file manager password settings on iphone
  • Touch the On/Off toggle besides Enable Password to turn on password protection;
  • Type in the same password in both Password and Confirm Password fields;
  • Enable Touch ID so you can unlock the file manager app and all files locked in it with your iPhone Touch ID or disable it so one can only open it with the password you have set above;
  • Create 2 questions and answers for password recovery.

Once you finished the password settings above, tap on Save button at the top right corner to save the change.

Step 2. Create secure folder and protect files

In Owlfiles file manager, switch to My Files tab from the bottom. Owlfiles (On My iPhone) is the secure folder where you can save those private files, such as photos, videos, movies, contacts, documents, for easier management.

owlfiles file manager access and manage my files on iphone

Part 3. Lock files & folder with Folder Lock on iPhone

Folder Lock is an app which can password-protect your personal files, photos, videos, documents, contacts, wallet cards, notes and audio recordings on iPhone. You can download and use it for free. Optionally upgrade to pro version for extra features.

folder lock icon

Run this app, you will be prompted to set up a security lock recovery email and set up a security lock on iPhone. After that all files and documents added to this security app will be protected with password, PIN or pattern.

Unlock the file lock app, you will see its home interface like this.

Folder Lock app home screen on iPhone

Tap on Photos, Videos, Audios, Documents or other category from above screen on iPhone. For example, if you like to access the secure video albums, choose Videos, you will then open all existing photo albums. You can create a new album or open an existing photo album to save your private videos. Then tap on the + Add icon to show the options you can import videos to this file locker app.

  • Transfer files from computer to iPhone: tap the Transfer button to turn on Web Server option to transfer files from your PC/Mac to iPhone over Wi-Fi.
  • Download files from internet: tap the browser icon to download files from the web to your iPhone and save them in the data locker app.
  • Capture photos/videos: tap the Camera button to take a photo or record a video using the camera and directly import it to the secure folder.
  • Import photos/videos: tap the Photo button to browse through your camera roll to import photos and/or videos to the Folder Lock app. Once a photo or video imported from the Photos app, you will have the option to allow Folder Lock app to delete the source file so you don’t need to manually delete it from the Photos app.

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