PDF Photos

PDF Photos is an easy and intuitive image to PDF Converter for iPhone with plenty of useful features. You can find a variety of page layout options, flexible document options, export and share options, etc. Very easy to use.

pdf photos - picture to pdf converter for iPhone

A variety of page layouts

One photo per page, multiple photos in a page, photo with title, photo with text description, a lot of layouts to choose from. You can even create layouts of your liking.

Flexible documents settings

Customize page layouts, cover page, color, header, logo, text, footer, page number, margins, orientation, scale, paper size, file size, image quality, password protection, etc.

Brand your documents

Add cover page, header, title, subtitle, author name, copyright, logo, footer to your PDF to brand your documents.

Save & share

Email, print, send pdf to Adobe Reader or to another app. Upload directly to iCloud Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive. Convert photos to PDF and/or save your photo grid pages as images. Convert pictures to PDF on iPhone to easily share photos with friends and colleagues. Choose photo layout, add photos, preview then share PDF. PDF Photos is an easy and intuitive photo to PDF converter, image collage creator.


It is free to download and use. If you need more fancy features, get the premium version. The upgrade is well worth the reasonable price.


One of my favorite apps!

This is one of the handiest apps on my iPad. I often find myself wanting to create collections of photos and screen shots which can then be either easily viewed a page at a time or marked up further with notes or just stored for jogging my memory on something later. PDF Photos does the job quickly and easily, consistently and reliably with no learning curve. It has a variety of page layout options and then easily lets you open in other apps or export to a storage area. The upgrade option is well worth the very reasonable price! It’s couldn’t-function-without app for me!

— Val999


I spent hours trying to figure out why my printer wouldn’t print something I screenshotted. Then I realized it was because it was coming up as a photo and my printer wouldn’t print it as a photo since I didn’t have photo paper (I didn’t want it as a photo either way) so I immediately started looking up how to make your pictures into a pdf. I found all these different ways (too complicated) that I didnt want to spend hours to figure out. I found some apps (all above 2$) I didnt wanna spend money if I didnt have to. Then I found this app and downloaded it. It’s so fast simple and easy to use. I literally had my print outs in a minute, all five of them!!! GET THIS APP

— amanda heuskin

Great utility

In an era where fax machines are becoming obsolete, this program allows me to turn my photos of work documents into pdf for email. I use this for work, and for gaming. l have many documents and licenses for work that need to be sent to various locations and organizations. With pdf photo, | snap a photo of my document/ license etc and convert it to a pdf document to transmit via email. Simple and easy to use. I also game and with the complex interactions of the game, I can take screenshots, convert them to pdf and upload to google drive for my guildmates to reference and use. This program is simple yet priceless.

— calcrna32

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