Pixomatic Photo Editor

Pixomatic is the first-ever mobile app that brings desktop level quality for selecting and masking images. Now, you have no problems with cutting out even the most difficult picture elements, including hair! Smoothly select and mask even the trickiest hair edges.

Pixomatic Photo Editor iphone
Pixomatic Photo Editor iphone

Also, we introduce hundreds of photo stickers that you can add to your photos with a single tap. In just a few minutes create funny pranks, visual art and social media posts for your business or stunning photo manipulations, viral memes and selfies to share with friends.

Pixomatic has a full range of amazing photo editing tools for creative minds. Use smart cutout, add layers, apply blending modes and unique filters to create epic masterpieces. Let Pixomatic be your only all-in-one photo editor!

Awesome Cutouts

  • Cut out, replace, and remove image elements
  • Select, mask and easily cut out even the trickiest hair (first time ever on iPhone and iPad)
  • Pixomatic also makes it easy to save your cutouts and edits in a dedicated album for future use

Hundreds of photo stickers

  • Intentionally photobomb friends’ pics by adding funny animal stickers to them
  • Play pranks on friends through editing their photos with one of the hand stickers

Double Exposure

  • Fuse two photos together to create amazing surrealistic creations
  • Overlay two pics and use the “Blend” effect to merge them

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