Play Chinese chess with figurine pieces

If you want to learn to play Chinese Chess or Xiangqi with mobile app, Chinese Chess – China Board Game is highly recommended. It is very user-friendly to international users. You can learn all the pieces, moves and more for playing Chinese Chess without even know any Chinese or Chinese characters.

There are several language interfaces available. From its home screen, tap on Me button, the one at the bottom right corner.

Chinese Chess – China board game app

Once the Me screen opens, choose Settings entry, the last but one, you will then reach its Settings as shown below.

You can change the Language from Chinese or other language to your own here. Here we set it to English.

You can also choose between traditional Xiangqi pieces (with Chinese characters) or figurine pieces which might ease the ‘pain’ for players with a background in International Chess. Also on this Settings screen, select Piece Type > Piece 4.

Chinese Chess – China Board Game app select piece type - figurine pieces

After that, return to the home screen of the chess app and start playing the chess game, you will see the figurine pieces on the chess board.

Chinese Chess – China Board Game app  figurine pieces

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