Publish MWeb documents from iPhone to WordPress

MWeb is my favorite markdown writing app on iPhone and Mac. It provides users a sleek and minimal writing environment with a variety of Markdown formatting options and export options. It becomes very easy to export your content as rich text, PDF, HTML, or web pages. You can even directly publish your documents from MWeb to your live site or blog, such as WordPress, Metaweblog API, Evernote, BIogger, Tumblr, yuque, sspai, ghost and Medium. In this quick guide, we will show you how to add WordPress to MWeb for iOS and publish your articles, documents from iPhone to WordPress site.

Add WordPress to MWeb on iPhone

Run MWeb on your iPhone, tap the Menu button from the top left corner, choose Settings, then scroll down to the Publishing section. Tap on Add Publishing Service to bring up the list of all support third-party site and blog hosting services.

mweb settings add publishing service on iphone

Select from the list.

Then input your domain name, admin username and its password and tap on Done button to save the credentials and add your WordPress site to MWeb on iPhone.

add wordpress to mweb on iphone
  • Blog URL: your full domain name begins with http://.
  • Account: your WordPress site or blog dashboard login username.
  • Password: your WordPress dashboard login password.

Publish content from MWeb to WordPress

Open a document you want to make alive in MWeb. Touch the Share button at the bottom right corner. You will see various export options in the menu. Scroll down to the Publishing section and choose your WordPress site from there.

publish document from iphone to wordpress using mweb

On the next screen you will can customize the post settings, such as title, slug, date, status, category and then publish the text and images in your documents from iPhone to WordPress using MWeb.

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