Reduce file size of videos on iPhone iPad

Videos recorded and saved on our iPhone and iPad take up the majority of space on our devices. Exporting them from iOS device to computer is the usual way we can reclaim more free space on our iPhone iPad. Other than this, you can also use a video encoder or editor to reduce the video file size by adjusting its resolution, bit rate, frame rate, etc. If you have loaded off the videos to a PC or Mac, you have many solutions for this purpose. Most of them are paid solutions, such as this guide to compress videos on computer; some are free, notably the Handbrake. In this article, we recommend two easy-to-use video compressor apps, the free video compressor for iPhone and this video slimmer app. Both of them can help you directly reduce video file size on iPhone iPad without loading the videos off to a computer.

Method 1. How to quickly reduce video file size on iPhone?

Launch the Video Compress app on your iPhone. Browse to your Camera Roll to select and add the video to the compressor app. Then select the target file size you like to reduce down to and touch the Save button at the top right corner to compress the video.

compress video to smaller size - video compress for iphone
compress video to smaller size – video compress for iphone

Don’t close the video compressor app during the process. Once it is finished, you will have the options to save it to your Camera Roll, or share it through email, or other apps.

save, share compressed video iphone

Method 2. How to batch compress iPhone videos?

Download the video compressor app above and launch it on your iOS device. You will see its home screen like this.

video slimmer app for ios

Touch the Add (+) icon at the top right corner to find and import videos from your Camera roll or Photo Library to the video slimmer app. Before you touch the Slim Now button to compress the videos, head to the More…. >> Settings to adjust its settings according to your preference.

video slimmer app settings

Keep original video files:

You can choose to keep or dump original video files after the conversions. We recommend you export the source videos to computer first. There are a lot of free file transfer app solutions you can choose. Shareit is our favorite file transfer app for iOS, Android and computers. Check out this guide to transfer videos from iPhone iPad to computer over Wi-Fi.

Copy to Photo Library:
You can choose to save the compressed videos in the Video Slimmer as well as exporting a copy to your Camera Roll or Photo Library.

Video Quality:

Choose a preset video quality from the list. Set lower quality to get smaller file size.

Video size:
Select video resolutions, such as 240p, 360p, 480p, 576p, 720p, 1080p or Auto.

Once you are done with the settings, return to the main interface of this video slimmer app and touch the Slim Now button to start compressing all the added videos. Your source videos will be compressed very quickly. After the conversion, you can find them at the Converted Video tab. From there, you can find options to transfer files from iOS to computer through Wi-Fi, open videos in any compatible third party apps on the iOS device, share the videos, etc.

video slimmer app convert videos to smaller files

Some users complain the video slimmer does not reduce the size of videos as expected, it should be a settings issue. Try reduce the video quality or resolution, you can greatly reduce the video file size and save a lot of storage space. I have tested a recorded video which was 194MB. After the conversion, it has been reduced to 7.12MB, which means about 186.9MB has been saved. Really amazing!

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