Remove eye bags, black circles from photos on iPhone

Dark circles under eyes and eye bags are imperfections of our portrait and selfies. Do you want to get rid of them? Photographers use Photoshop to remove eye bags and dark circles from pictures. For most of us however we can simply remove eye bags from portrait or selfies directly on our mobile phones using a much easier image editor. In this article, we’d like to share with you quick and easy ways to remove dark circle, eye bags from photos on iPhone using a popular portrait editor app and also using Photoshop for Windows on computer.

Method 1. Clear eye bags, dark areas from selfies using Facetune

This is a fun & powerful portrait and selfie photo editor for iPhone. It provides easy-to-use, powerful tools to perfect your selfies and portraits with ease. It’s like Photoshop but so much easier to use. Fun & powerful portrait and selfie photo editor for iPhone.

facetune app

Run the selfie & photo editor app on iPhone. Load the portrait or selfie you like to edit. Then tap on the Retouch at the bottom left corner.

Facetune retouch photo on iPhone

Select Conceal from the toolbar, enlarge the photo if necessary, then swipe over the black circle under the eyes or eye bags to easily erase them from your photos on iPhone.

remove eye bags, dark circles from photos on iphone using facetune portrait editor

Preview the difference before and after the change until you are satisfied. Save the photo as a new perfect portrait in your Camera Roll.

Method 2. Remove eye bags using Photoshop on PC

If you have Photoshop on your PC or Mac, you can also transfer the photo or selfie image from iPhone to computer and edit it with Photoshop which can also help you easily get rid of eye bags, dark circles, blemishes from pictures.

There are different ways to remove eye bags, shadows using Photoshop. Here is how to do that with the Healing Brush Tool using Photoshop for Windows on a PC.

First, open your image with Photoshop. Go to select the Healing Brush Tool from the left toolbar. Then right click on the selfie or photo to adjust the brush settings such as brush size, hardness. For example, you can reduce the hardness from 100% to 50%; reduce the brush size and enlarge the photo for more precise selection.

remove eye bags from photos, selfies using photoshop healing brush tool on windows computer

Now press and hold ALT key (option on MacOS) and click the color next to the eye bag or dark area to sample a color or define a source point to be used to repair the image. Then click and drag on the eye bags or dark areas to remove them from the photo.

Other than manually sampling color or set the source with the Healing Brush Tool, you can also choose the Spot Healing Brush Tool which can automatically samples pixels to repair photos with one step.

Update Nov 2022: updated the screenshot to reflect the change of UI in latest release of Facetune version 3.5.1.

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