Remove eye bags, black circles from photos on iPhone

Dark circles under eyes and eye bags are imperfections of our portrait and selfies. Do you want to get rid of them? Photographers use Photoshop to remove eye bags and dark circles from pictures. For most of us however we can simply remove eye bags from portrait or selfies directly on our mobile phones using a much easier image editor. In this article, we’d like to share with you a quick and easy way to to remove dark circle, eye bags from photos on iPhone using the most popular portrait editor app – Facetune.

Run the photo editor app on iPhone. Load the portrait or selfie you like to edit. Then tap on the Retouch at the bottom left corner, select Conceal from the toolbar, enlarge the photo if necessary, then swipe over the black circle under the eyes or eye bags to easily erase them from your photos on iPhone.

remove eye bags, black circles from photos on iphone using facetune portrait editor

Preview the difference before and after the change until you are satisfied. Save the photo as a new perfect portrait in your Camera Roll.

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  1. Great post and easy to follow on how to use editing function on iPhone. Thank you for taking the time to bring about such great information. Best to everyone here, Darren Chaker

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