Remove frames from GIF files on iPhone

Photos is the default image viewer on iPhone. It can open and play GIF and many other images. Unlike Preview on Mac which can edit GIF files, the Photos app on iPhone doesn’t come with GIF editing features. In previous articles, we introduced the ImgPlay GIF maker and editor. Today, we will demonstrate how this free app can help iPhone users preview, select and remove certain frames or images from GIF files.

When you launch the GIF maker and editor app on iPhone, you will be prompted to select source file. Choose file type first to narrow down the search, then browse to the albums to quickly locate the source file. In this case, we are going to edit a .gif file, thus choose GIF from the Category list, then the app will filter and list all gif files saved in the Photos app. Preview and import the GIF file from Photos to the GIF editor app.

The Edit screen opens.

imgplay edit GIF on iphone

Tap on the Frame View button before the Save button at the top right corner to open and preview thumbnails of all images or frames inside the GIF file.

Tap on the magnifier icon on the thumbnail to make it larger for viewing. Tap on an thumbnail to select and exclude it from the GIF file. You can swipe to select multiple consecutive images or frames. Tap on the Done button from the top right to return to the Edit screen. Make other changes to the GIF file if need. Then tap on Save button and follow on-screen tips to export the new GIF file to the Photos app on your iPhone.

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