Remove location data from photos on iPhone

In the Photos app on iPhone, you can find a Places album which allows you to see places on a map where your photos were taken. With the iPhone photo geotagging feature, your pictures appear on the map in the Photos app. Also when you export iPhone photos to computer or send them to other devices, the geolocation data will be carried over. They are saved in the photo’s EXIF metadata. Are you concerned about the possibility of people tracking your physical location using the pictures you post online? To tackle this problem, you can disable Geotagging on your iPhone, and/or block the access for people who you wouldn’t want to have access. In this article, we’ll show you how to turn off the geographic tagging for photos on iPhone and remove location information from iPhone photos.

Steps to disable GPS geotagging on iPhone

Tap into Settings, then choose Privacy >> Location Services. Find Camera app from the app list and toggle the switch to OFF. Now when you take photos, the location data won’t be saved with them.

The enabling or disabling of location service for the Camera app doesn’t affect those existing geolocation tagged pictures. Also if you use any third-party apps to shoot photos on iPhone, you might also need to disable location service for them in order to turn off the location tagging from your photos.

Check out below steps to view and edit the EXIF data of your photos, remove location information from photos on iPhone.

How to remove location data, GPS metadata from photos on iPhone?

In a related article, we discussed how you can view and edit metadata of iPhone photos using a image editor app. Load the geolocation tagged photo into the image editor on iPhone, you’ll see a screen like this.

crop resize image editor app for iphone main interface

Tap Metadata at the bottom, a list of various metadata types shows up.

remove gps, geolocation metadata from photos using cropsize on iphone

Here you can remove the EXIF and GPS data from your photo. After that go to export the picture to your photo library without any location information tagged. You can go to delete the original geotagged photos from your iPhone.

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