Remove sound from video on iPhone

Want to delete the distracting background noise and voices from your video clips on iPhone? There are various apps and methods you can remove sound in a video. In a previous article, we used iMovie app to delete the soundtracks and mute videos on iPhone. Many folks may not even realize they have this app on their phone because the Photos is their most common used app for easy video editing on iPhone. Although iOS includes the dedicated video editing app, but the existing Photos app is a more-than-adequate video editor. Today, We can use it to quickly remove audio from a video without the need for any third-party video editors on iPhone.

Steps to delete sound from video on iPhone

Run the Photos app on iPhone. Find the video you’d like to delete the sound for Library or the Albums. The Videos album is the place where all your video clips are saved. Tap its thumbnail to open and play a video in the Photos app. Tap Edit in the upper-right corner of your screen. The editing tools appear along the bottom. The yellow speaker icon will show up at the upper left. You can simply tap this speaker icon to separate the sound track and delete it from the video clip. Tap Done in the bottom-right corner of your screen to save the change.

delete sound from video, mute videos on iPhone

Important Notes

  • The Photos app doesn’t mute the sound but completely removes the audio track from the video. You can recognize the videos with no audio component by a grayed-out speaker icon on their toolbar.
  • If you try to edit the video again in Photos app, you will have the option to revert it to original and get back its original sound track. That’s to say, the audio stream of the video has been separated and saved somewhere else on iPhone, other than being deleted completely from the phone.

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