Removing blemishes from iPhone photos

Is there any way to remove pimples, blemishes or other imperfections from your selfie or portrait photo on iPhone? Removing blemishes is easy with selfie editors such as FaceTune, TouchRetouch, etc. In an earlier guide, we showed how to remove blemishes from selfies or portrait photos on iPhone using FaceTune in just a few seconds. Today, we will use TouchRetouch to remove skin blemishes from iPhone photos.

Get the TouchRetouch photo editor here. Open it and choose Albums from its home screen to find and import the selfie or portrait photo from your Camera Roll to the editor app. Select Quick Repair from the bottom toolbar, then tap to highlight Blemish Remover.

touchretouch blemish remover for iphone
touchretouch blemish remover for iphone

The Blemish Remover tool in TouchRetouch makes it easy to erase blemishes and other imperfections from portraits. Before you do that however, tap Settings at the bottom right and use the Size slider to adjust the size of the brush. If the brush size is too big, then we may lose some details from the portrait; if it is too small, we have to repeat several times to get rid of the blemishes. If you can adjust the brush size to be slightly bigger than the blemish, you can remove the blemish in just one touch.

Meanwhile, pinch and zoom in the selfie or portrait photo to enlarge the part you want to edit, then tap on the pimples, freckles or blemishes one by one to remove them.

If you want to remove several pimples, freckles or blemishes quickly, switch to the Quick Brush tool, then simply brush over the area you want to remove.

If you made any mistake, touch the Undo icon at the top bar to revert. When you’re happy with the result, tap the Export icon at the top right, then choose Save As Copy to save it as a new photo without overwriting the original one.

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