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Do you want to upload an picture to the web but found it is not at the right size? In this guide, we will show you an easy way to change pixel size of image or resize pictures on iPhone. There are mainly two ways you can change the size of an image: resizing and cropping. In an earlier article, we already demonstrated how you can crop image to any width and height on iPhone iPad.

By cropping a photo, you cut off part(s) of the photo. Resizing however changes the size of an image but not removes any portion of the source image. It simply make a picture smaller or bigger while keeping the same aspect ratio or height to width ratio. Generally speaking when we say resize an image, we mean shrink its size. We rarely enlarge pictures so as to avoid grain, blur and pixelation.

Crop-size is an image editor app for iPhone iPad iPod touch. It can help iOS users resize pictures, shrink photo size, crop images, even change them to another file format. You can get this image editor app for iOS here.

How to resize photos on iPhone iPad?

Run the image resize tool on your iOS device. It will open your Camera Roll automatically. Select a photo and load into the image editor, you will see its main screen like this.

crop resize image editor app for iphone main interface

At the screen bottom, you can find various tools and options, like Load, Resize, Crop, Effects, Metadata, Export. Tap Resize button to begin changing the size of the added picture on iPhone.

resize photos, pictures, images using cropsize image editor app on iphone

With this image editor, you have three ways to quickly resize a photo on iPhone.

Resize photos by percentage

See the percentage bar at the bottom? Swipe left or right to choose a percentage to resize an picture on iPhone. When you choose the percentage, you should see the change of the pixel resolution at the screen top  simultaneously.

Choose a height/width resolution from presets

Tap Preset to choose a pixel resolution, see below screenshot.

resize photos - choose preset sizes in cropsize editor app on iphone

Manually input percentage or pixel resolution to resize

Tap Input to manually type in a percentage or width/height to change the size of an image on iPhone.

When you get the picture at the right size, tap Apply and follow onscreen tips to save the new picture to the Photos app, print it out, send to someone through email or chat apps, share it with your social networks, etc.

2 thoughts on “Resize pictures on iPhone iPad”

  1. Hi, can this app re-size a photo on my iPad, using an on screen ruler? For example, I have a photo that measure 9 inches by 12 inches. I want to re-size it to 8 inches by 10 inches so I can print it at Costco and frame it in an 8×10 frame. I’m not that familiar with all the pixil stuff, and work better usin length and width measurements, especially in inches.

    Gerry Thompson

    1. you can go to its settings to change the unit from pixels to inches first. then go to resize or crop image to the length/width by inches as you wish.

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