Reverse video on iPhone

Want to add a rewind effect to your video on iPhone? If you are looking for an easy way to play some videos backwards on iPhone, this guide is just for you. Reversing videos is a very interesting video editing techniques. It becomes very easy with professional video editors. Today, we’ll show you how to reverse a video on iPhone using InShot, one of the most popular video editor apps on App Store.

InShot video editor is a comprehensive and handy video editor for iPhone iPad that can do a lot of things, like trim a video, cut or delete middle part of a video, merge video, adjust video speed, etc.You can use it to reverse a video on iPhone as well. It is straightforward and fast.

Run the video editor on your iPhone, you will be asked to choose Video, Photo or Collage.

inshot video editor app iphone
inshot video editor app iphone

In this case, we are going to reverse a video so it plays backwards on iPhone, so choose Video. Select and import the source video from your Camera Roll to the editor app.

reverse video on iPhone using inshot video editor

Slide left on the toolbar at the lower section to reveal more tools. Find and tap REVERSE to rewind a video. Do not lock your phone or switch to other apps when the editor is reversing your video. Once it is done. You can play the video backwards in the editor app. Tap the Share button at the top right corner to save it to your iPhone Camera Roll.

Other video rewind options

You can use Videoshop video editor which can also help you reverse a video on iPhone.

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