Rotate videos on iPhone

Sometimes you may want a portrait video, but held your phone horizontally and thus you recorded a landscaping video. On the other side, when you need a landscape video, you may forget turning the phone sideways. If you have these problems, you just need a video rotate or video editor which can help you rotate videos on your phone. Videshop is such a mobile video editor app for both Android and iPhone. You can find more details and download it from this iPhone video editor page. In this demo, we will use the video editor for iPhone to show you how it can help you rotate iPhone videos in your Camera Roll.

How to rotate videos on iPhone using Videoshop?

Run this video editor on iPhone, you will be prompted to add video to the editor. Select Import Video and browse to your videos in Camera Roll and add the video clip you want to edit. You will then see the video editing screen like this.

rotate video on iphone using videoshop video editor

At the lower section of the phone screen, you can see a toolbar with all kinds of video tools. Slide to left to reveal more tools until you find the Rotate icon. Tap on it once to rotate the video 90 degree counter clockwise. You can repeat the steps to rotate video several times. Touch the Play button to play the video using the built-in video player. Finally proceed to next steps to save the rotated video to your Camera Roll or share it with your social networks.

Steps to rotate iPhone videos

Except the above video editor, you can also use Filmorago video editor. Run the iPhone video editor on your device. Select Create New Video from its home screen. Then choose Video to find and import videos from your Camera Roll to the video editor app.

import videos to filmorago iphone video editor app

When you have loaded videos into the free video editor for iPhone, slide up the tool bar to find the Edit Tools.

filmorago iphone video editor edit tools

You can then find this videos editor for iPhone can help you edit various aspects of your source video. For example, it can reverse videos, trim video, merge video, speed up or slow down video, change volume of video, rotate video all on your iPhone. To rotate video on iPhone, tap on the ROTATE button once to rotate 90 degree clockwise, tap on it again to rotate the video for another 90 degree clockwise. That’s to say you can rotate iPhone videos through 90, 180 or 270 degrees by touching the Rotate button one, two or three times separately. Repeat this motion on iPhone as many times as necessary to achieve the video orientation you want. You can rotate landscape videos, rotate portrait videos, rotate sideways videos, rotate upside down videos.

rotate portrait video using filmorago iphone video editor

Shooting video in Portrait Mode and Rotating video

rotate landscape video using filmorago iphone video editor
Shooting Video in Landscape Mode and Rotating video

Rotate and combine iPhone videos

If you have multiple video clips want to join together, you can also select and rotate certain or all video clips. Touch the Previous or Next button at the bottom left corner to select the video clip, then the video clip you want to rotate is showing in the viewer, touch the Rotate button to rotate the current video clip. You can see more details from following guide to merge iPhone videos for free.

Rotate and save iPhone videos

When you achieved the video orientation you want.Tap OKAY button to save the change, then tap Save button to save the video along with other video clips if any in the video editor app on iPhone. You will then find all options you can save or share the output video, like saving the video to Camera Roll, uploading videos to YouTube, Vimeo, Instragram, sharing videos via email, WhatsApp, WeChat, etc.

filmorago iphone video editor export & share options

Rotate iPhone videos on computer

If you have exported videos from iPhone to a PC or Mac, you can also make use if its desktop software to edit and rotate iPhone videos. See this guide to rotate videos on computer for both Windows and Mac OS users.

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