How to scan automatically with Scanner Pro on iPhone iPad?

Scanner Pro has already made documents scanning with iPhone iPad a snap. You can point your iPhone camera to any paper, documents, receipts, business cards, dashboards and scan into iPhone. Then preview the scans to save the good ones you like and discard those you want to delete. After that you will be able to send, share or upload the scanned PDF documents to any devices you own or with anyone you like. Check out this guide to scan documents to PDF with iPhone or iPad camera.

how to use iphone scanner pro

Now this iPhone scanner app has made the iPhone scanning even easier with its advanced auto borders detection and advanced image processing technology. You can find out more features of the iPhone scanner app here.

How to scan automatically with Scanner Pro on iPhone iPad?

A new feature called ‘automatic scanning‘ has been added to this great iPhone scanner app in a recent update. You can turn on automatic scan to speed up your scanning work significantly.

Run Scanner Pro on iPhone or iPad, tap Settings icon from its top left corner if you are using it on iPad, you will then get the Settings dialogue as below.

enable automatic scanning mode in scanner pro for ipad

Scroll down the long settings list to find Automatic Scanning. You can tap to enable or disable it.

When you have enabled automatic scanning, go to press the Plus icon to enter into the documents scanning mode, just point your iPhone camera to what you like to scan, the iPhone scanner app will automatically detect borders of the paper or document in real time, then scan. Now you do not even need to press the Scan button. Move your camera to new documents or slightly adjust your hand position, the iPhone scanner app will automatically detect the document and scan again.

scanning documents with scanner pro for iphone

When you think you have scanned documents properly under the automatic scanning mode, tap on the Document icon with number of created scans overlayed to preview all scanned documents, you can then choose to save or discard scans that have just been created automatically.

save scans as pdf with scanner pro on ipad


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  1. The “automatic scanning” feature is extremely annoying. I have tried to scan a document but it keeps on scanning only the picture in the middle of the document. (iPhone – and this feature cannot be turned off in the settings.)

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